Hawk Measurement Systems Pty Ltd

Sultan Flow Series
Sultan 유량계



The Sultan Flow system uses sophisticated software to locate and track the correct echo without being affected by echos from fixed objects or changes in the liquid surface. When the liquid level or surface conditions change, the system follows preselected signal tracking parameters. In the event of a total loss of signal, the system adopts signal recovery routines to relocate the correct liquid level.

The system employs automatic gain control to compensate for changes in echo amplitude due to variations in environmental conditions. Continuous current, voltage and relay outputs are provided. These outputs can be programmed for failsafe conditions in the event of a loss of signal or system malfunction.

주요 적용 분야

• Open Channel Flow
• Water treatment
• Sewage treatment
• Irrigation
• Industrial waste
• Power waste
• Environmental monitoring
• Special flow requirements for unusual flow channels